Colocation: A Cure for Crowded Data Centers

Are you feeling the squeeze as more servers and storage assets vie for space in your data centers? While expanding capacity for more regions, markets or applications traditionally pushes spatial limits, data center consolidation is now a leading cause of congestion as companies seek to reduce the total cost of ownership. With colocation hosting, you manage your own systems in a provider’s data centers, with room to grow.

Increase control over capital expenses

In the current economy, investing in new facilities may be out of the question. It may even be hard to secure the funds needed to expand existing data centers. Colocation hosting makes it possible to:

Manage power and cooling

As power-per-square-foot increases in a data center, cooling resources struggle to keep up. One data center hot spot could potentially cause damage to critical servers and storage arrays within minutes – leading to hours or days of availability problems. A colocation hosting provider can:

  – Manage the power and cooling resources for you

– Help protect equipment investments

– Help prevent downtime

Ease data center congestion with AT&T

When you choose AT&T, you join thousands of businesses around the world that take advantage of our colocation hosting services, including:

  – Presence in AT&T global Internet Data Centers

– Access to the world’s leading global IP network

– 24×7 facility and network monitoring and management

– Physical security backed by audit controls

– Power and cooling management

– Infrastructure and network support services