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We design telecommunications solutions for our customers. We begin with AT&T’s world-class infrastructure and add hardware and software to provide customers with a communications network that suits their needs, in addition, we manage the technology and the relationships that are needed to make the system function 24/7.

About Us

This is WHAT we are made of

As AT&T’s Premier Remarketer Partner, TM Telcomm is able to leverage the industry-leading technology of the AT&T Network and couple it with TM Telcomm’s unsurpassed concierge service and aggressive pricing to create not only aggressively priced communications services but a customer interface that allows clients to facilitate their needs without having to worry about their communications.  Because of the status of TM Telcomm as AT&T’s Premier Remarketer Partner, AT&T outsources Sales, Billing, Customer Service, and Support to TM Telcomm based on TM Telcomm’s industry knowledge and commitment to quality service.  Because of this synergistic relationship, AT&T provides TM Telcomm with aggressive price points that are unattainable anywhere else in the Global marketplace on all

AT&T Data, Voice, and IP services.  This relationship allows for the seamless integration of the world’s foremost Data, Voice, and IP Network together with the Tier 1 customer service and support of a multinational technology firm, all with the full commitment and support of AT&T.

Cloud Computing0%
International Private Line0%
Point to Point and VPN network design/setup0%
IP Based MPLS network design/setup0%